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If you need legal advice from a professional, consider enlisting the services of a paralegal rather than an attorney or lawyer

Consider A Paralegal

Licenced Paralegal at your service!

Paralegals are Qualified and Licensed:

​To become a paralegal, a law student has to complete courses at an institution approved by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. Many accredited colleges in Ontario now offer Paralegal Education Programs where the student is required to take mandatory courses. Upon graduation, he or she will receive an Ontario College Diploma. They must also pass a licensing exam in order to practice. Once he or she passes the licensing exam the Law Society of Ontario. issues a P1 License to practice law in Ontario.

Continuing Professional Development:

In Ontario, it is a mandatory requirement of Law Society of Ontario of both Lawyers & Paralegals to receive additional educational activities up to 12 hrs per year. These CPD Hours consist of a minimum of 3 Professionalism Hours and up to 9 Substantive Hours.

Paralegals & Insurance:

In the Paralegal profession we are required by law to have (E & O) errors & omissions insurance.


Paralegals charge less for their services than the fees commonly charged by lawyers which allows a greater access to justice for those who can not afford a lawyer.

Paralegals area of Practice:

Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule (SABS) claim or a matter related to a SABS claim, including a mediator, a person performing an evaluation, an arbitrator or the Director acting under relevant sections of the Insurance Act.

Small Claims, including claims for damages or return of property worth $25,000 or less

Ontario Court of Justice under the Provincial Offences Act, for matters involving:

  • Highway Traffic Act
  • Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act
  • Liquor Licence Act
  • Trespass to Property Act
  • Environmental Protection Act
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Blind Persons Rights Act
  • Municipal By-Laws

Summary Convictions Court under the Criminal Code (Canada), for summary convictions and “true” summary conviction matters where the maximum penalty is a $5,000 fine or imprisonment to a maximum of 6 months, or both, for offences such as:

  • indecent acts, public nudity, prostitution
  • causing disturbance, vagrancy, cruelty to animal’s assault, possession of a weapon, mischief regarding property
  • theft under $5,000 or possession of stolen property under $5,000
  • fraud, forgery, making false statement

Tribunals established under an Act of the Legislature of Ontario or under an Act of Parliament:

  • Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO)
  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)
  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal
  • Landlord and Tenant Board
  • Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC)
  • Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario
  • Social Benefits Tribunal
  • Assessment Review Board
  • Ontario Municipal Board (OMB)
  • Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB)
  • Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario
  • Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Appeal Tribunal
  • Health Professions Appeal and Review Board
  • Ontario Highway Transport Board
  • Ontario Parole and Earned Release Board

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